About Us

A place to breathe.

Welcome to our amazing music website. This site was made to share all music to everyone, so you all can have the music that you all love to listen to daily.

Our site is 100% based on music content only and the idea that made me want to put this website up is because I love music so much that I figure, if there is music people haven’t heard of or miss listening to. They can come to my site anytime to listen to there favorite tune anytime of the day.

I search daily just looking for the right music website but, that doesn’t always leave some type of virus or problem on your your computer, phone. tablet etc… basically any type of device. But at the same time that mostly the reason why most site are being put down because of all the problems that is left behind after being used.

so I built this website to best it could be and hopefully better than all the other ones known out there. This website will leave no problem but  with smooth streaming with out a problem and once you leave our site, you shouldn’t have any problem since our system protect it self with our own protection created for it and notify us if anything occurs right away.

Well that our website and if you have any question feel free to contact us on our contact page. We hope you guys enjoy our website and hope to have your support to make it better than it already is, keep jamming out and hope to have your favorites on the market .

Chris Brown

"This is chris he is one of our employees he a really great guy and will be one of the people to help if there any problem's on your visit on our site.


Linda Spielberg

This is Linda she is our other music idealist and also one of our content creator for our site and works with Rose

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Olivia Olive

this olivia she also one of our people that will help you if you have any problem when you visit our website.

Rose Lipton

"This is Rose she is our music idealist and one our content creator for our site and works with Linda.