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were on youtube daily checking for many different artist to add for people too download and also give people to hear music they never heard before.

we are pretty good at these things too

Real time post

When we add music to our website we add different artist's with a set of one or two albums, that gets posted at the end of the week on sunday's.


if you have a problem with our website at all please let us know right away if the situation isn't resolve by the time you send us your notice on our contact page.

Amazingly responsive

we respond right away unless we are having major technical difficulties to where it makes us unavailable to answer to aid you.

Community builder

We plan to grow our community with everyone that love to used our website and hope to grow more to the point where we can allow request of there own artist or own music. Follow our social for more info.

Easy to use interface

Our website is really easy to use and accessible on any devices with internet access.

We can help you with...

Finding Music 100%
artist 100%
Frontend 75%
Backend 75%

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